Sandy Evolution


Dive into a surrealistic world as an amorphous creature with a unique gift: the ability to change forms. In this horizontal shooter your enemies are also your weapons; you can eliminate them, collect their fragments, and attain their ability. The strategy and pace of the game will keep you thinking on your feet.


  • Currently 1 level complete with an engaging boss battle (we plan to add more)
  • An attractive, surrealistic art style
  • Fast paced game play with tight controls



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4 thoughts on “Sandy Evolution

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  3. Hello,
    I want to gladly inform you about my latest achievement. You’ll be happy, becasue it’s strictly connected to your game. I 1cc’ed Sandy Evolution, uploaded my video to YT and published post on my WP blog.
    Best wishes for your future development sends shmup player- yrCnoIS!

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