WIP of the Week Update: Angry Moth

A while back I did a WIP of the Week post on Angry Moth, showcasing a video and description of the gameplay. Well, I have recently been informed that a demo is now available! According to Linley, what the demo contains is:

  •  two levels – one fairly straightforward, one quite difficult (but possible)
  •  splitscreen two-player. Each player gets only one secondary weapon. I haven’t tested this properly so I’d appreciate feedback on this mode in particular
  •  fun

After playing for a few HOURS I will have to agree with his third point. The combat is very tactical and various options leave room for skill development and strategy. Although a bit hard at first, I managed to do well and enjoyed the expiereince so far. I think he has something great going, and can’t wait to see more.

Download and try the demo here: Angry Moth Demo (Revised, May 14th)


Eminence: My ludum Dare 20 Entry

Over the Ludum Dare weekend, I completely neglected studying for AP tests and decided to participate at full throttle, only getting 5 hours of sleep over the course of 48 hours. Despite the fact I was unable to finish and made some bad mistakes, I had a great time!

The game I conjured in 48 hours is called Eminence; a game based around Micromanagement. In the game, you take control of an all powerfull enemy boss (pictured above) and must aim its weapons to avoid hitting the orbiting planets (your team). The concept is quite original, which made it hard to find a proper balance and direction for the game. This was one major issue, as design flaws ran rampant throughout the game. After the first day I had made excellent progress, and this led to another fatal mistake. Rather than polishing and expanding on the core mechanics driving the game, I decided to add planet abilities the player can also use during the frantic experience. This only obfuscated the concept, confused players, and made the game increasingly difficult.

I learned a ton of valuable lessons, and additionally, laid out the ground work for a decent game. With various insightful comments for the Ludum community in addition to self realizations, I have devised a plan to fix and properly implement the seemly broken mechanics in Eminence. Over the next few weeks I will do so; the project is being kept at a small scale and will not shift its focus to far.

Here are some key features and changes that will greatly improve the game:

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Development lives!

“50% my development 50% yours,” is the premise behind my development blog. However, recently it has slowly become 100% yours. As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted a development update since Ludum Dare, but my presence is still apparent through weekly posts featuring other great games around the web. Recently, I have just been super busy and only can only find small amounts of time to both work on my projects and update the blog. The past few weeks I have been a bit inconsistent with the Indie Recaps, and with this week, the Wip of the Week. This is because I have decided to dedicate the little free time I do have to my own development, rather than playing/writing about other games.

Due to this shift in focus along with more free time being thrown at me, I will be posting more development updates and will announce my new project soon. Nothing will accelerate too quickly until summer, but until then, I will be dedicating every ounce of my free time to  development!

This doesn’t mean I will stop posting WIP of the Weeks or Indie Recaps; but rather, I will do them erratically when time lends itself. So with this in mind, hopefully you will soon be actually seeing 50% of my development and 50% of yours!

I miss developing! I can only go so long!


WIP of the Week — Oze (Ozeotropo)

Everyone knows grappling hooks are awesome. The presence of one automatically increase the quality of a game. And when I saw Oze’s rope physics, I knew the game had potential to excel. Oze is a 2d platforming game with 100% procedurally generated levels. The player must accomplish various goals based on the game mode; some include mining and exploring. Each game mode offers a new experience with new mechanics and tools to experiment with. Oh, and did I mention the rope physics? They are beautiful! From the video (below) it seems the rope will provide an interesting mechanic that exceeds standard grappling hook protocol. A playable build isn’t availble yet; but pay attention to the WIP Radar because I will surly notify you when we can get our hands on this one.

>>Oze’s Development Log<<

WIP of the Week — Chaos Stream (Stargoat)

This chaotic looking shmup looked like another retro style shooter at first glance; and then when i peered closer, I realized that all of the graphics were made with ACSII. And it looks like quite the trip! Chaos Stream is posted as 50% complete, and the developer has provided a video (see above) to, “show… at least somewhat, where the game is and where it may be heading.” In my opinion, it seems to be heading in the right direction! The massive amounts of chaos may be a turn off to others; but I find it quite appealing. A demo isn’t available, but will be soon when Stargoat creates a proper level. No dates have been provided, so we will have to wait and see.

>> Development Log <<

WIP of the Week — Steamlands (Nitrome)

Steamlands is a new game from Nitrome that is looking stunning! At first glance it reminded me of Project Sky Fortress/Welkinhold with its block based building style. The game plays as a steampunk RTS/Tower Defense game that was inspired by Captain Forever’s block stealing mechanic. You embark on various missions attempting to micromanage your tank and eliminate other tanks constructed from blocks. As you waste enemies you can acquire their parts or receive cash to purchase various upgrades and even level spoilers. The developers stated that they put an exceptional amount of work into this game in comparison with their others (about 9 months).  Check out the  video below for further insight into the gameplay. The visuals are great, and the concept holds great potential. Currently, a playable build isn’t available yet; we’ll have to wait and see how this one turns out. I would definitely add it to your radar.

>>Development Thread<<

Indie Recap: The Games Cometh

The Blocks Cometh–Halfbot

Yes, the blocks do cometh. In this simple little game it is practically raining blocks, and you must frantically climb your way up to avoid being trapped within them, or worse, crushed. The game is very well polished with tight controls and a lot of bonus content including unlockable characters and achievements. Aside from being able to wall jump off of falling/stationary blocks, the player can grind or shoot a laser to clear a path. The game was just re-released for the IOS platform, but a free browser version is also available to try.  This is a great game, and I  hope sales do well; an unfortunate situation occurred prior to release as the game was stolen, ported, and placed on the app store before half bot had finished. Give this one a go in the browser for free, and then purchase it for your ipod/ipad. It plays much better on the mobile devices.

John Cube — Primož Vovk

If I could pick a job to recreate in a game and play for fun, a warehouse worker wouldn’t jump out as my first choice. However, Primož Vovk successfully did this, and the result was quite fun! Take on the role of the warehouse worker John Cube who has to work another shift instead of going home to enjoy some beer’o’tv. In this shift you must place boxes in their correct places sokoban style. The game is very polished and the movement is very smooth. The game has a nice appeal to it, and includes some relaxing and challenging puzzles. Give it a try, or view the trailer first!

Bug Hunt — Lazy Brain Games

Another fun, quick, simple game was created by Lazy Brain Games: Bug Hunt. In this game you play as a green dragon that resembles the character from Bubble Bobble, who is looking to feed his extreme hunger by snatching bugs out of the air with his sticky tongue. His tongue can expand the length of the screen, and sticking bugs is a breeze; and the game would be too, if it weren’t for those god damn bees. (I guess I’m a poet now?) As you extend your tongue to eat insects and rack up points, you must be careful not to snatch a bee, or its the end of you! The game is quite addictive, and I definitely recommend playing if you have limited time and want to play something quick. You can also rack up a high score and submit it online! Head over to Lazy Brain Games and play yet another one of Johnny’s great games!