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Hello everyone! I just wanted to inform that my development updates, indie game features, and reviews are all moved to www.devsanomalous.com.

It is a new organization I started to help indies! We are a team of independent overdevelops that work together to achieve success on both cooperative and independent projects.

In addition to posting about our development, we will highlight other indie games, give tutorials, tips and other valuable information. Head over and check it out!


Zaboodles Beta

Zaboodles is finally in Beta and has much more features, polish, and awesomeness than before.  If you are interested in playing the beta, send me a message or leave a comment. Otherwise, expect the release within 2-3 weeks along with a trailer and website for the game. Zaboodles Beta

Project Update: A little Taste

Here’s a screen shot of whats to come:

Currently you are the professor in the top hat, and must jump from spot to spot avoiding falling enemies. You can also collect and utilize power ups to eliminate them and gain extra points. I just need to add a few bonuses and features to the game before I “completely” release the game ( in addition to some polishing). A trailer and finished project should soon follow. Stay posted!

WIP Radar: Still Truckin’

As you know, each week I highlight one Work In Progress that I feel has great potential to become a fantastic game. But how have they shaped up? Have the developers kept their promises and delivered a great game? Or did the game fall apart? Today I will revisit the WIP’s I featured and tell you how far they have come, and what has gotten better or worse. If I don’t recap a WIP I have covered in the past, it’s simply because no visible progress has been made. If you haven’t read the WIP of the Week highlight for each game below already, click on the name of the games to do so. Alright, let’s dive in.

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GMB — 2010: 100 Game Maker Games in 10 minutes

Here’s a fantastic video showcasing the best indie games made with Game Maker this last year.  GMB did a great job putting this all together; head over to their site to see a complete list of all the included games with links.

I’m also very pleased to say that both of my games this year were included in the video!

Kinetics: 4:42

Sandy Evolution: 6:17

What a great year it was! This video made me realize how many games I actually played this year…and these are just the ones made with Game Maker!