Indie Recap: The Games Cometh

The Blocks Cometh–Halfbot

Yes, the blocks do cometh. In this simple little game it is practically raining blocks, and you must frantically climb your way up to avoid being trapped within them, or worse, crushed. The game is very well polished with tight controls and a lot of bonus content including unlockable characters and achievements. Aside from being able to wall jump off of falling/stationary blocks, the player can grind or shoot a laser to clear a path. The game was just re-released for the IOS platform, but a free browser version is also available to try.  This is a great game, and I  hope sales do well; an unfortunate situation occurred prior to release as the game was stolen, ported, and placed on the app store before half bot had finished. Give this one a go in the browser for free, and then purchase it for your ipod/ipad. It plays much better on the mobile devices.

John Cube — Primož Vovk

If I could pick a job to recreate in a game and play for fun, a warehouse worker wouldn’t jump out as my first choice. However, Primož Vovk successfully did this, and the result was quite fun! Take on the role of the warehouse worker John Cube who has to work another shift instead of going home to enjoy some beer’o’tv. In this shift you must place boxes in their correct places sokoban style. The game is very polished and the movement is very smooth. The game has a nice appeal to it, and includes some relaxing and challenging puzzles. Give it a try, or view the trailer first!

Bug Hunt — Lazy Brain Games

Another fun, quick, simple game was created by Lazy Brain Games: Bug Hunt. In this game you play as a green dragon that resembles the character from Bubble Bobble, who is looking to feed his extreme hunger by snatching bugs out of the air with his sticky tongue. His tongue can expand the length of the screen, and sticking bugs is a breeze; and the game would be too, if it weren’t for those god damn bees. (I guess I’m a poet now?) As you extend your tongue to eat insects and rack up points, you must be careful not to snatch a bee, or its the end of you! The game is quite addictive, and I definitely recommend playing if you have limited time and want to play something quick. You can also rack up a high score and submit it online! Head over to Lazy Brain Games and play yet another one of Johnny’s great games!


Indie Recap: Wait What?!

Atom Zombie Smasher — Blendo Games

It seems that in every zombie game you are left alone with no technology beyond a shotgun to eliminate waves and waves and waves of enemies. If you had an entire army force, helicopters, air-strikes, and nukes it would be to easy…right? Wrong. Atom Zombie smasher puts a unique spin on the undead genre by putting you in a birds eye view of a zombie infested city. With strategic placement of snipers, barricades, and soldiers, you must guide civilians to safety while eliminating the oncoming Zed. The game has a phenomenal level of polish, and an extremely fresh feel. The game can be picked up for 15$, and it is worth it. Try the demo yourself if you don’t believe me.

Geek Mind — Dominique Ferland

Don’t let a cute little mushroom show you up in your game knowledge. In Geek Mind you race against the clock naming video games based off a limited section of a screen shot. You can skip a game if you don’t know it, or use one of your three hints. The game is quite entertaining, however there is one major drawback: In addition to testing my game knowledge, I would like to expand it! For example, once I skip a screen shot (because I don’t recognize it) I would love it if Geek Mind told me what game it was from! It’s especially frustrating when you know the game, but either are spelling it wrong, or name the wrong version. Although at times frustrating, the game has over 300 levels and is quite fun. If this type of game is up your alley, give it a try.

Hot Throttle — Cactus/Doomlaser

The title from this weeks Indie Recap will make sense to you after playing this game. Recently titled Burning Enthusiasm, Hot Throttle is a new game from Cactus that will either leave you laughing historically, shocked, or cause you to lose all respect for my blog and/or Adult Swim games. In Hot throttle you play as a half naked man who thinks he’s a car, racing others like you around the city. The game isn’t anything extremely fun, but its comedy is entertaining.  I for example, was laughing so hard I couldn’t even keep up with my opponents in the first race. If your looking for a great laugh head over to Adult Swim Games and try it; I promise you wont…..will….uhhh probably won’t regret it?


Indie Recap: 1/15/11 – 1/22/11

Bytejacker — Secret Base

After a ton of anticipation, we can finally kick ass as Anthony Carboni and Jon Rivera in the new top-down, twin stick-style arena shooter: Bytejacker. Based off of the indie game review show, Bytejacker requires you to battle your way through endless hordes of enemies with  Anthony and Jon.  The beautiful pixel art, humorous voice overs, and massive amount of content allow for a wonderful game. This is a must play; especially for arena shooter junkies! GO!

Kruunu — Jukio Kallio

Make your way to the top of a wonderfully designed tower as a blue cat- like creature in Kruunu! The pop out paper graphics are quite appealing (although not to everyone) and the challenge presented is quite hefty. With well designed levels, the mix between puzzle and skill creates some fun gameplay. Although the controls are not magnificent, they dawn on you eventually. With screen wrapping, wall jumping/sliding, and various enemies to avoid, you must climb to the top and retrieve the treasure that “supposedly” awaits. Will attaining the treasure make you ruler of the kingdom? Does the treasure even exist? Go find out.

Goblin War Machine — Big Block Games

A sadistic, humorous, violent, TG Motocross with an array of upgrades? Yea, Big Block Games went there. Goblin War Machine is all of this, and it is quite entertaining. In this game you maneuver a giant death machine through various villages, trampling on any form of life as you conquer the kingdom. As you progress, you can buy different upgrades to customize your war machine (through the currency of human skulls) which is essential to success as the game progresses. The physics do seem a bit off, as the machine displays some erratic behavior at times. Regardless, the game is quite fun, but not for a long period of time. If your looking to play something quick, give it a go.

Indie Recap: 1/2/11 – 1/9/11

Astroman – Starquail

Astroman is a space exploration platformer available for 3.00$ on the Xbox live arcade; and it’s worth the cash. The excellent graphics and sound give the game a great feel and vibe. The game is very polished, and the controls feel good. Although fun, this game can be quite frustrating; almost too frustrating. Throughout the game you must explore planets in order to find parts to your ship along with other items. Some of these items are very had to find and it may begin to irritate you. Some people live for this game play, others don’t. Give the demo a try.

suteF – Ted Lauterbach

suteF is the highly anticipated sequel to Teds stunning Fetus, which was originally created for a game-jolt Minimal competition. In suteF, you play as a blue character whose goal is to escape from the Abyss. Within the Abyss, there are many odd creatures (which by the way look fantastic.) Just like in the first, you must make your way to the portal at the end of each level; however, Ted’s clever puzzles will make this no easy feat……us (xD oh bytejacker) This game is very very entertaining. Go! You have five chapters to beat naow!!

Together Fight! Friendly Hat Spirit

If you love hats (which everyone does) and love fun, original game-play mechanics, listen up. In Together Fight! you fly around dodging enemy attacks which consist of 3 different sized bullets. To attack the enemy back, you must execute certain button combinations in order to create a projectile, and collide it with an enemy projectile of the same size. I know it sounds confusing but don’t worry; the in game instructions are very clear and you will pick up on this interesting mechanic very quickly. This game was originally created for the AGBIC competition, and I was very surprised it didn’t do better. Try it out, and hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

Indie Recap: 12/19/10 – 12/25/10

Shoot-Em-Art — Troshinsky

Shoot-Em-Art is a neat little game that was made for experimental game-play’s draw challenge (also implying it was made within 7 days.) In this game, the gun is correlated with art rather than violence and death. Much precision and patience is needed to steady both your quavering hand and the games slightly quavering hand in order to shoot the necessary dots and create a piece of art. Although very hard, the game is quite fun. The art you create may not look beautiful, but its how it was made that counts. I mean, look at those elephant paintings that sell for millions. Give this one a go if you have a few minutes and desire a challenge.

Mother Robot — Increpare

Made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare competition, Mother Robot has an interesting game mechanic that is presented in a nice package; especially for the time constraint on development. In Mother Robot you must travel through a cavern like environment with multiple  robots. However, you can only travel through illuminated space without dying. To illuminate the cave, you must angle the robots’ beams into a prism of some sort.  This interesting mechanic makes the transit throughout the cave a difficult challenge, and many puzzles are presented. This one is a must. Try it out!

Fate of Mankind — LegacyCrono

Fate of Mankind is a wonderful experience that was also crafted within 48 hours for Ludum Dare.  In this game you must travel through a cave (caves seem to be a common element in good games this week?) and discover who you are. It starts out just black and white, without barley any controls and no audio. However, as you progress, you discover sight, color, and many other wonderful things. I don’t want to give it all away; play  and discover the beauty of this game yourself.

Side Note: I apologize for not writing an Indie Recap last week. I myself was caught up in Ludum dare, and had no time to do so. As you can see, the competition has produced some great work! Check more of it out!

Ludum Dare 19 Entries

Indie Recap: 12/5/10 – 12/11/10

Cyborg Virus — Lazy Brain Games

This is another one week masterpiece from Lazy Brain Games that features some interesting game mechanics. In this game you play as a shrunken man, equipped with a hook and electric shock, that must eliminate the main virus and attain immunity.  To destroy your enemies you must propel your hook, grab them, reel them toward you, and shock them. Its like fishing and smackin the fish in the face with an electric fly swatter after you catch them.  In addition, you must stay within the bubbles that float across the screen to prevent yourself from dying. This mechanic would have made them game twice as entertaining had it been properly implemented — currently there is no need to worry about staying within the bubbles as they are so abundant. The game starts off easy, but stay with it — cause the most entertaining parts come toward the end, including a boss.  Definitely give this one a go.

Platformerman — Sparpweed

With ridiculously simple graphics, Platformerman illustrates the fact that game-play is the heart of every good game.  Although unfinished (without sound for now) the game has a very nice movement engine, allowing for smooth controls. The idea is simple: bomb the red blocks and collect the green blocks. You must run (slide?) through the level, blowing up what you see fit, in order to get where you need to go.  In addition, the scrolling screen forces you to move at decently fast pace. If you decide to pass on platformerman, (which you shouldn’t….) definitely play the finished version. It will be a gem.

Cat Astro Phi — PhotonStorm

With even the game title as a pun, this game effectively combines humor, nostalgia, and fun game-play. With the style of an old game boy title, it really brings you back; however the controls are a bit quirky and make it difficult to navigate and shoot the fast, randomly moving enemies. In this game you must repeatedly rescue your cat from an alien planet, collect fuel cells, and repeat. Personally I would leave the cat after so many times; they get hair everywhere and throw-up.  Anyways, try this game out over at New Grounds; it is quite nice.