About Me (Kurt Waldowski/Pocketninja)

My name is Kurt Waldowski and I have been developing games for almost 4 years now. I really enjoy developing games, and even more, the community that supports it. I don’t have too many finished games due to my jumpy mind that always wants to start new projects. However, I’ve tried very hard to eliminate this habit, so great games are on their way!
Lately I haven’t been developing my games alone either; this allows  me to stay on task and helps me make sure I get them done! Two people that I have been working with are:

  • David Sleboda: David is an excellent graphic artist who assisted in creating all of the visuals in Sandy Evolution. It is the first game he has designed graphics for, and he did an amazing job. We plan to work together in the future so expect great work!
  • Mike Padilla: Mike has been working on Kinetics with me since the beginning. He is still learning, but provided(s) a lot of help with the development of the game.

I plan on continuing to develop games for years to come, so please follow my development!

—————————————————————————————————————————————————-About the Blog

This blog not only features my development, but yours! Throughout the week, I will highlight Works in Progress and finished games. So even if you’re not so fond of my own games, keep reading; i’m only half of it!

If you are interested in getting a work in progress reviewed or landing your game on the weekly indie recap, please don’t hesitate to email me!

You can contact me at: kurtwaldowski@gmail.com


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