Development lives!

“50% my development 50% yours,” is the premise behind my development blog. However, recently it has slowly become 100% yours. As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted a development update since Ludum Dare, but my presence is still apparent through weekly posts featuring other great games around the web. Recently, I have just been super busy and only can only find small amounts of time to both work on my projects and update the blog. The past few weeks I have been a bit inconsistent with the Indie Recaps, and with this week, the Wip of the Week. This is because I have decided to dedicate the little free time I do have to my own development, rather than playing/writing about other games.

Due to this shift in focus along with more free time being thrown at me, I will be posting more development updates and will announce my new project soon. Nothing will accelerate too quickly until summer, but until then, I will be dedicating every ounce of my free time to  development!

This doesn’t mean I will stop posting WIP of the Weeks or Indie Recaps; but rather, I will do them erratically when time lends itself. So with this in mind, hopefully you will soon be actually seeing 50% of my development and 50% of yours!

I miss developing! I can only go so long!



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