WIP of the Week — Oze (Ozeotropo)

Everyone knows grappling hooks are awesome. The presence of one automatically increase the quality of a game. And when I saw Oze’s rope physics, I knew the game had potential to excel. Oze is a 2d platforming game with 100% procedurally generated levels. The player must accomplish various goals based on the game mode; some include mining and exploring. Each game mode offers a new experience with new mechanics and tools to experiment with. Oh, and did I mention the rope physics? They are beautiful! From the video (below) it seems the rope will provide an interesting mechanic that exceeds standard grappling hook protocol. A playable build isn’t availble yet; but pay attention to the WIP Radar because I will surly notify you when we can get our hands on this one.

>>Oze’s Development Log<<


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