WIP of the Week — Steamlands (Nitrome)

Steamlands is a new game from Nitrome that is looking stunning! At first glance it reminded me of Project Sky Fortress/Welkinhold with its block based building style. The game plays as a steampunk RTS/Tower Defense game that was inspired by Captain Forever’s block stealing mechanic. You embark on various missions attempting to micromanage your tank and eliminate other tanks constructed from blocks. As you waste enemies you can acquire their parts or receive cash to purchase various upgrades and even level spoilers. The developers stated that they put an exceptional amount of work into this game in comparison with their others (about 9 months).  Check out the  video below for further insight into the gameplay. The visuals are great, and the concept holds great potential. Currently, a playable build isn’t available yet; we’ll have to wait and see how this one turns out. I would definitely add it to your radar.

>>Development Thread<<


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