Indie Recap: The Games Cometh

The Blocks Cometh–Halfbot

Yes, the blocks do cometh. In this simple little game it is practically raining blocks, and you must frantically climb your way up to avoid being trapped within them, or worse, crushed. The game is very well polished with tight controls and a lot of bonus content including unlockable characters and achievements. Aside from being able to wall jump off of falling/stationary blocks, the player can grind or shoot a laser to clear a path. The game was just re-released for the IOS platform, but a free browser version is also available to try.  This is a great game, and I  hope sales do well; an unfortunate situation occurred prior to release as the game was stolen, ported, and placed on the app store before half bot had finished. Give this one a go in the browser for free, and then purchase it for your ipod/ipad. It plays much better on the mobile devices.

John Cube — Primož Vovk

If I could pick a job to recreate in a game and play for fun, a warehouse worker wouldn’t jump out as my first choice. However, Primož Vovk successfully did this, and the result was quite fun! Take on the role of the warehouse worker John Cube who has to work another shift instead of going home to enjoy some beer’o’tv. In this shift you must place boxes in their correct places sokoban style. The game is very polished and the movement is very smooth. The game has a nice appeal to it, and includes some relaxing and challenging puzzles. Give it a try, or view the trailer first!

Bug Hunt — Lazy Brain Games

Another fun, quick, simple game was created by Lazy Brain Games: Bug Hunt. In this game you play as a green dragon that resembles the character from Bubble Bobble, who is looking to feed his extreme hunger by snatching bugs out of the air with his sticky tongue. His tongue can expand the length of the screen, and sticking bugs is a breeze; and the game would be too, if it weren’t for those god damn bees. (I guess I’m a poet now?) As you extend your tongue to eat insects and rack up points, you must be careful not to snatch a bee, or its the end of you! The game is quite addictive, and I definitely recommend playing if you have limited time and want to play something quick. You can also rack up a high score and submit it online! Head over to Lazy Brain Games and play yet another one of Johnny’s great games!


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