WIP Radar: Still Truckin’

As you know, each week I highlight one Work In Progress that I feel has great potential to become a fantastic game. But how have they shaped up? Have the developers kept their promises and delivered a great game? Or did the game fall apart? Today I will revisit the WIP’s I featured and tell you how far they have come, and what has gotten better or worse. If I don’t recap a WIP I have covered in the past, it’s simply because no visible progress has been made. If you haven’t read the WIP of the Week highlight for each game below already, click on the name of the games to do so. Alright, let’s dive in.

Haxball — Basro

This fantastic yet simple soccer game was fun as hell even in its BETA form. Since we last visited Haxball, the game’s popularity has soared tremendously. For example: It’s 11:55 pm right now and there are 527 players in 121 rooms! When I found this game there were all but 3 rooms available to play in! To accommodate, Basro has added some wonderful features to the game. The admin controls are now exclusive (unless set otherwise by the admin) so games don’t constantly stop and start all the time. Also, you can choose from three different arena sizes: a small, medium, and a large. Overall, Basro has added more customization to how you can play, but didn’t mess too much (or at all) with the core mechanics. The game is only getting better, and will continue to do so.

Project Sky Fortress — Owendeery

A good amount of updates have been provided regarding  Owendeery’s 2D ship combat game, Welkinhold. Oh yea — in case you didn’t know — the name has been officially changed from the temporary Project Sky Fortress to Welkinhold. Many graphical updates have been provided, some illustrating an overall shift in style from the concepts. Some dislike the switch while others love it. Regardless, it has been made apparent that the concept organic sketches would require a whole new ship building system to implement, and will not be present in the game. However, with each new update, the graphics continue to get better and better. Take a look at some of the screen shots yourself; the images along with their descriptions are the only real new insight into the gameplay. Be glad progress is being made. However, don’t get to excited because a playable build isn’t available yet. Patience.

Space Parasite — Doom Machine

The game has been completed for a while; the music is implemented and everything is set to go. Some minor graphical updates have been done as well. Alas, we still wait with wide eyes. They are still seeking out a sponsor, and until then, we won’t see a build of the game.

Angry Moth — Linley

Minor updates have been provided displaying graphical content and describing gameplay. Linley introduced a interesting level layout that calls for great replay and variety. Every player will start with the same mission, and then based on their performance, will begin to branch off into different levels. (set up in a tree like fashion) If you preform well, you will enter levels toward the good side of the tree (success). If you preform bad, you will be pushed toward the bad side of the tree (failure). For example, he states, ” there could be a mission involving an attack on an enemy base. If you fail to destroy it and are forced to retreat, your next mission will be facing a desperate counterattack where you have the advantage of static defenses. If you destroy the base, your next mission will push into enemy territory where you’ll face sterner resistance.” This method of design also will call for dynamic difficulty; the good side of the level tree will be harder, where as the bad side will be easier. The next thing on his check list is to create a single mission demo to get some feedback from us. He states, “might be a few weeks or months away, but it’s coming!”

FOTONICA — Santaragione
This wonderful game took off since I last played it, receiving a ton of press from around the web. The creators have also kept their promises, adding new levels and animated hands. Additionally, they have taken feedback to heart, accommodating many player suggestions, including: The ability to play with any one button, local score boards, a new one button menu, and other minor tweaks. The game has been entered into the Kongregate Unity contest, and I expect it will do quite well. If you haven’t spared a few minutes to try this game, you need to now.

DrillBoid —  TheLastBanana

This is quite odd. Drillboid was featured only a week ago, yet it has one of the biggest lists of updates. In the course of a week they finished their build for the Unity contest, adding a truck load of additional features: a more comfortable control scheme, improved performance, menu’s and options, high-score support, a tutorial, new enemies, a secret room, treasures and score, lives, more music, and much more! The developers are clearly hard at work. The game is considerably more enjoyable, and the developers will continue to work on the game. Since being uploaded to Kongregate, the game has received 80,000 plays. Go ahead and add some more digits to the count.


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