WIP of the Week — Drillboid

I know I talk about how beautiful games look all the time on this blog; but this one is an exception. Since I say beautiful a lot, I will pick another word to make this game stand out to you: gorgeous. The animations are extremely fluid and the models are wonderful. The effects, backgrounds, and animations combine to create jaw dropping visuals. Check the video below or play the test build yourself to see!

Drillboid is a game from TheLastBanana and Capnbubs in which you (currently) must dig, shoot, and retrieve treasure. It is being developed for the Kongregate Unity contest, and is currently in a playable state. The controls are smooth and the core engine works well. However, as of right now, there isn’t much more than meets the eye. You kind of just drill around, shoot a few things (that don’t seem to pose a real threat), and ogle at the graphics. Currently, the  objective is to venture down, find an orb, and bring it back to the surface before time runs out. The game isn’t finished yet, and even after the contest the developers plan on continuing development. Due to the fact that just flying and drilling around proved to be entertaining, the game is sky high with potential. I can’t wait to see where this goes. And either can you. I know it.

>>> Play Test Build <<<

>>> Give Feedback <<<

(The recording was a bit laggy; The game feels SO fluid.)


One thought on “WIP of the Week — Drillboid

  1. Thanks for writing about our game!

    It’s really encouraging to read such a positive write up =D

    We’ve got loads of features planned we haven’t even talked about yet so I hope you’ll keep following the development!

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