Indie Recap: Wait What?!

Atom Zombie Smasher — Blendo Games

It seems that in every zombie game you are left alone with no technology beyond a shotgun to eliminate waves and waves and waves of enemies. If you had an entire army force, helicopters, air-strikes, and nukes it would be to easy…right? Wrong. Atom Zombie smasher puts a unique spin on the undead genre by putting you in a birds eye view of a zombie infested city. With strategic placement of snipers, barricades, and soldiers, you must guide civilians to safety while eliminating the oncoming Zed. The game has a phenomenal level of polish, and an extremely fresh feel. The game can be picked up for 15$, and it is worth it. Try the demo yourself if you don’t believe me.

Geek Mind — Dominique Ferland

Don’t let a cute little mushroom show you up in your game knowledge. In Geek Mind you race against the clock naming video games based off a limited section of a screen shot. You can skip a game if you don’t know it, or use one of your three hints. The game is quite entertaining, however there is one major drawback: In addition to testing my game knowledge, I would like to expand it! For example, once I skip a screen shot (because I don’t recognize it) I would love it if Geek Mind told me what game it was from! It’s especially frustrating when you know the game, but either are spelling it wrong, or name the wrong version. Although at times frustrating, the game has over 300 levels and is quite fun. If this type of game is up your alley, give it a try.

Hot Throttle — Cactus/Doomlaser

The title from this weeks Indie Recap will make sense to you after playing this game. Recently titled Burning Enthusiasm, Hot Throttle is a new game from Cactus that will either leave you laughing historically, shocked, or cause you to lose all respect for my blog and/or Adult Swim games. In Hot throttle you play as a half naked man who thinks he’s a car, racing others like you around the city. The game isn’t anything extremely fun, but its comedy is entertaining.  I for example, was laughing so hard I couldn’t even keep up with my opponents in the first race. If your looking for a great laugh head over to Adult Swim Games and try it; I promise you wont…..will….uhhh probably won’t regret it?



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