WIP of the Week — JetPilot GoNow (Amon26)

This week’s beautiful WIP of the Week has got quite some potential, and  has been progressing fast. JetPilot GowNow is a fast paced shooter that uses depth illusions to create an interesting game. Enemies come from behind, zooming past you as you try to eliminate them. Amon currently has released a demo of the game showcasing one level and a boss. When playing the game, I loved the graphical style, music, and gameplay elements presented. However, I feel that the gameplay mechanics and other elements haven’t been properly implemented yet. It is too hard to aim properly and maneuver the ship with complete control. In addition, the infinite amount of missiles handed to ya make this seem a bit to easy. Currently, the game is lacking a bit; however it screams potential (this is WIP of the Week remember :P). Keep on eye on this one. It will only get better.

>>>Download Demo<<<

>>>Give him some feed back!<<<


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