WIP of the Week — Koya Rift (SunnyKatt)

Woah. After a year of Development, Koya Rift has surfaced and it has successfully captivated many; and a playable build isn’t even available yet. Koya Rift is a “procedurally generated action fest” with fast paced gameplay and a unique design. The stunning visuals and unique concepts that the game introduces are fascinating. In Koya Rift, you must try and eliminate phantom crystals in a timely fashion. This is due to the fact that they slowly grow and expand, releasing enemies that will attempt to hunt you down. If you destroy the crystals, you destroy the production of enemies and win. What’s so interesting about the game however, is that everything is procedurally generated; not just the levels. You may never have the same weapon or face the same slew of enemies again, so you must learn to adapt and rethink strategies. This concept will keep players interested and allow for an infinite amount of replay value. (Check out the diagram below to view the “circular design” concept) This game is due for May, and if it’s even half as fun as it seems to be, it will be worth buying. (Yes, I said buying. Sorry for those of you who thought it would be free) So check out the trailer below, read more at his website, and add this one to your radar.


>>>Dev Log<<<


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