Indie Recap: 1/15/11 – 1/22/11

Bytejacker — Secret Base

After a ton of anticipation, we can finally kick ass as Anthony Carboni and Jon Rivera in the new top-down, twin stick-style arena shooter: Bytejacker. Based off of the indie game review show, Bytejacker requires you to battle your way through endless hordes of enemies with  Anthony and Jon.  The beautiful pixel art, humorous voice overs, and massive amount of content allow for a wonderful game. This is a must play; especially for arena shooter junkies! GO!

Kruunu — Jukio Kallio

Make your way to the top of a wonderfully designed tower as a blue cat- like creature in Kruunu! The pop out paper graphics are quite appealing (although not to everyone) and the challenge presented is quite hefty. With well designed levels, the mix between puzzle and skill creates some fun gameplay. Although the controls are not magnificent, they dawn on you eventually. With screen wrapping, wall jumping/sliding, and various enemies to avoid, you must climb to the top and retrieve the treasure that “supposedly” awaits. Will attaining the treasure make you ruler of the kingdom? Does the treasure even exist? Go find out.

Goblin War Machine — Big Block Games

A sadistic, humorous, violent, TG Motocross with an array of upgrades? Yea, Big Block Games went there. Goblin War Machine is all of this, and it is quite entertaining. In this game you maneuver a giant death machine through various villages, trampling on any form of life as you conquer the kingdom. As you progress, you can buy different upgrades to customize your war machine (through the currency of human skulls) which is essential to success as the game progresses. The physics do seem a bit off, as the machine displays some erratic behavior at times. Regardless, the game is quite fun, but not for a long period of time. If your looking to play something quick, give it a go.


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