WIP of the Week — Last Fighter D (PureQuestion)

A collaborative effort between PureQuestion, Alexmdle, and Oskar Alex, Last Fighter D is a new classic style shooter. In Last Fighter D, the earth has been invaded by dark enemy hordes, and the human resistance stands no chance against them. In desperation, the world combines all of its scientific knowledge to create a ultimate fighting machine. In the game, you pilot this fighter through space, blasting away an array of different enemies. The game doesn’t do anything revolutionary; however the level of polish presented is fantastic. So far the game is good fun, and there are many different enemies with varying bullet patterns. The difficulty curve is nice, and the mechanics work well. For what the game is trying to do, it does a damn good job; however, I feel games like this have been done many times before. If you love shmups and want to get your hands on another fun one with some new ideas, give Last Fighter D a download. If you’ve played your fair share and can’t bear playing another classic shooter, give this one a pass. Currently there are 2 playable levels, with much more to come! Personally, Id recommend keeping an eye on this one.

Download Demo (Updated)

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