WIP of the Week — FOTONICA (santaragione)

These last few days have seemed to be a flash back from the TIG Source AGBIC contest for me; first I saw Together Fight! Friendly Hat Spirit resurface, and now Tales Of Unspoken World. However, Tales of Unspoken World has not only been renamed, but revamped with the intention of creating an even better experience. Fotonica (the new name) is very similar in nature: its a one button game in which you must run and jump from platform to platform in a linear fashion, timing being the key mechanic here. The combination of simplicity and difficulty is what makes this game so wonderful. The developers aim to create the game with “different levels of complexity and multiple worlds to play, each with its own characteristic ( items/gravity/platform/etc… ).” This game is shaping up to be quite nice. Give it a go; and after give him some feedback on his dev log!


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