Indie Recap: 1/2/11 – 1/9/11

Astroman – Starquail

Astroman is a space exploration platformer available for 3.00$ on the Xbox live arcade; and it’s worth the cash. The excellent graphics and sound give the game a great feel and vibe. The game is very polished, and the controls feel good. Although fun, this game can be quite frustrating; almost too frustrating. Throughout the game you must explore planets in order to find parts to your ship along with other items. Some of these items are very had to find and it may begin to irritate you. Some people live for this game play, others don’t. Give the demo a try.

suteF – Ted Lauterbach

suteF is the highly anticipated sequel to Teds stunning Fetus, which was originally created for a game-jolt Minimal competition. In suteF, you play as a blue character whose goal is to escape from the Abyss. Within the Abyss, there are many odd creatures (which by the way look fantastic.) Just like in the first, you must make your way to the portal at the end of each level; however, Ted’s clever puzzles will make this no easy feat……us (xD oh bytejacker) This game is very very entertaining. Go! You have five chapters to beat naow!!

Together Fight! Friendly Hat Spirit

If you love hats (which everyone does) and love fun, original game-play mechanics, listen up. In Together Fight! you fly around dodging enemy attacks which consist of 3 different sized bullets. To attack the enemy back, you must execute certain button combinations in order to create a projectile, and collide it with an enemy projectile of the same size. I know it sounds confusing but don’t worry; the in game instructions are very clear and you will pick up on this interesting mechanic very quickly. This game was originally created for the AGBIC competition, and I was very surprised it didn’t do better. Try it out, and hopefully you won’t be disappointed.


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