WIP of the Week — Angry Moth (Linley)

From a developer with an arsenal of great games including Crawl, Overgod, Garden of Coloured Lights and White Butterfly comes a promising new title: Angry Moth. Through Angry Month, Linley Henzell has attempted to tackle the hefty task of creating a 2D tribute to FreeSpace 2. Awesome. The graphical style looks great, and the video below serves as evidence to Linley’s statement, “I want to capture Freespace’s sense of the player being a small but pivotal participant in a series of grand engagements.” Promised features for the game include huge battles with dozens of space crafts on each side, 2-player cooperative split screen, a large variety of enemy and allied ships, and much more.  Sorry to quote his dev log so much, but it can’t be better said, “The explosions will be big and sparkly, the action will be fast-moving and tactical, the difficulty will be savage.” Oh and he forget one more statement: The game will be incredible. Click here to go to his dev log.


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