WIP of the Week: Haxball (Basro)


Remember the good old times of cramming next to your buddy and whooping him in slime volleyball? Well those times are back and they are better than ever.  In haxball you don’t have to cram next to your buddy, but instead, you can play an infinite amount of people across the web; but I would recommend keeping it at 3 on 3.  The controls are quite simple; you run about with the arrow keys and hit x to kick the ball, attempting to score on the opposing net. Your position on the other hand isn’t quite simple; you can be the goalie, offender, defender, or ball whore. (90% of people seem to choose this option.)  With some effective collaboration and practice, this game gets quite fun.

It is still in the BETA phases, and the developer needs some feedback. Head over to his feedback post on tigsource and provide some great insight. (after you play of course!)

To play, go here: http://haxball.appspot.com/


Below is a quick gameplay video so you can see what this great little game looks like!


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