Indie Recap: 12/5/10 – 12/11/10

Cyborg Virus — Lazy Brain Games

This is another one week masterpiece from Lazy Brain Games that features some interesting game mechanics. In this game you play as a shrunken man, equipped with a hook and electric shock, that must eliminate the main virus and attain immunity.  To destroy your enemies you must propel your hook, grab them, reel them toward you, and shock them. Its like fishing and smackin the fish in the face with an electric fly swatter after you catch them.  In addition, you must stay within the bubbles that float across the screen to prevent yourself from dying. This mechanic would have made them game twice as entertaining had it been properly implemented — currently there is no need to worry about staying within the bubbles as they are so abundant. The game starts off easy, but stay with it — cause the most entertaining parts come toward the end, including a boss.  Definitely give this one a go.

Platformerman — Sparpweed

With ridiculously simple graphics, Platformerman illustrates the fact that game-play is the heart of every good game.  Although unfinished (without sound for now) the game has a very nice movement engine, allowing for smooth controls. The idea is simple: bomb the red blocks and collect the green blocks. You must run (slide?) through the level, blowing up what you see fit, in order to get where you need to go.  In addition, the scrolling screen forces you to move at decently fast pace. If you decide to pass on platformerman, (which you shouldn’t….) definitely play the finished version. It will be a gem.

Cat Astro Phi — PhotonStorm

With even the game title as a pun, this game effectively combines humor, nostalgia, and fun game-play. With the style of an old game boy title, it really brings you back; however the controls are a bit quirky and make it difficult to navigate and shoot the fast, randomly moving enemies. In this game you must repeatedly rescue your cat from an alien planet, collect fuel cells, and repeat. Personally I would leave the cat after so many times; they get hair everywhere and throw-up.  Anyways, try this game out over at New Grounds; it is quite nice.


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