WIP of the Week — DarkVerse (Nick Larin aka:scream 681)


Written in GML with Game Maker (for now), Darkverse is a game that showcases beautiful graphics, exciting game play, and extreme polish; All packed into a 3d space action rpg.

All around, DarkVerse is pretty exciting.  Very exciting.

At first, you’re thrown into a stunning environment, a bit lost and wondering what to do. The graphics and mysterious vibe hook you very quickly, and it doesn’t take long to figure out where to start.

Upon receiving your first missions, you track them and head out to eliminate your first bounty. Upon venturing out into the seemingly boundless galaxy, a sense of exploration takes over. The vibe created is awesome, and enthuses you to continue out further; until you come into contact with your first baddie and dive into the wonderful combat system.

In DarkVerse, you can fire only in the direction your ship is facing, with the option to aim a bit off to the left and right.  This makes it difficult to be evasive and fire simultaneously , as it requires good timing to shoot the enemy. Over time, you will get the feel for the combat, and it will become very interesting as you attain rockets, mines, and other weapons.  Its hard to explain; but I can assure you the combat system is well designed, and very entertaining.

Upon defeating your enemy he drops an item that he had on his ship. You can then take that item and equip it to your own ship, or sell it. The upgrades actually change the appearance of your ship, which is quite awesome. This creates an extreme incentive to eliminate enemies as you can upgrade your ship and make it look twice as sweet.

Having been a WoW (World of Warcraft) addict for years, this game has a similar appeal. The draw from completing missions, attaining random drops, and upgrading various aspects of your persona is similar. However, the combat in DarkVerse is more skill based and engaging, creating an additional element to keep you hooked.

You can also mine resources, and sell them at the Docking station for money. While docked, you can also buy resources in addition to selling them. Elements from the game “Drug trade” or “Cargo Carrier” are built right into DarkVerse. In these games you go from planet to planet buying abundant resources at one, and selling them for profit at another where they are scarce. This allows you to pick up some extra cash as you travel from area to area within DarkVarse.

Overall, DarkVerse is a great game with a ton of work behind it. And trust me, this game is only going to get better. Nick stated “The game is going to be remade from scratch in another engine. There will most probably be multiplayer, since the people I’m going to work with are experts at online games.” Brace yourselves.

You should try the demo out yourself, and then anxiously anticipate the full release along with me.

Demo Link: http://www.yoyogames.com/games/121404-darkverse



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