Gravity Game — Title screen done

Alright, its getting down to the wire — got 20 levels done and were wrapping up the project.  As many of you know, the last 10% seems like 90% so, hope it doesn’t get dragged on too much longer. 😛

Here is a screen shot of the main screen so far. The name however is still a working title! I may release a build soon and ask for some naming advice [:

Gravity Game at a Glance



To expand on the screen shot a bit more, when you hover over a level number it previews the level and show high scores for various stats. (in the golden box)  Also, the colored pixels on the right and left are moving down the screen and fade out.

Were going to crank out some more levels — i don’t quite know about 42 — but we will see. Updates on Sandy will be posted soon as well!


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