WIP of the Week: Exterminator (Chad Chisholm)

Exterminator Screen

Exterminator is a game that seems to have been in development for a while now; and I do hope it gets finished. The current build of the game is beautiful and the game-play is very exciting. The different difficulties offer great replay value and the co-op mode is a blast. Exterminator is a side scroll, platform shooter in which you must eliminate all the Grubbies in each level as fast as you can before they “mount” and multiply. The posters throughout the levels, along with scrolling messages promote some overall storyline; however we will have to wait for the full version to dive into it.

I was in contact with Chad for a while, asking for updates and anxiously anticipating the game’s release. When the demo came out a while ago, I played it and was very glad to see the progress this game has made. Recently I was curious on the games progress and have had no response. I do hope this game gets finished, because it truly is a gem!

>>Click here to play the Exterminator Beta<<


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