Current Projects

Today I decided I needed to start a game development blog –lately I have been working on so many projects with such a narrow minded opinion. After participating in some contests (especially the TIG Source AGBIC contest) I realized that community feed back not only adds to a games success but it is essential. So I will now be updating my progress on my current games and I hope to get some good feed back from you guys!

Currently I am working on 2 projects simultaneously; Sandy Evolution and Guidance (working title).

Sandy Evolution

A build of Sandy evolution was released for the TIG Source AGBIC contest and received some positive feed back.  Sandy Evolution is a horizontal shooter in which you kill your enemies and collect their fragments in order to become a stronger creature. Currently the game only has 1 level and a boss, but we plan on developing a total of 9 levels. So stay tuned to follow its development, and give some great feed back!

Guidance (working title)


Guidance — or what ever i’m going to call it — is a game that has been in the making for almost half a year now xD. The game will include up to 30 levels in which you must place various type or trampolines, gravity shifters, worm holes, and other objects to alter the balls path and send it to the vortex. The game includes many unique visual features such as when you beat a level, the level is sucked into the vortex and spit back out to form the next one. The development time has been so long because this game has been more of a side project for me. We are finally getting around to finishing it; a video and playable build will be posted soon!

Thanks for reading! Stick around to follow the development of these two games; your feedback will be much appreciated!


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