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Hello everyone! I just wanted to inform that my development updates, indie game features, and reviews are all moved to www.devsanomalous.com.

It is a new organization I started to help indies! We are a team of independent overdevelops that work together to achieve success on both cooperative and independent projects.

In addition to posting about our development, we will highlight other indie games, give tutorials, tips and other valuable information. Head over and check it out!


Zaboodles Beta

Zaboodles is finally in Beta and has much more features, polish, and awesomeness than before.  If you are interested in playing the beta, send me a message or leave a comment. Otherwise, expect the release within 2-3 weeks along with a trailer and website for the game. Zaboodles Beta

Project Update: A little Taste

Here’s a screen shot of whats to come:

Currently you are the professor in the top hat, and must jump from spot to spot avoiding falling enemies. You can also collect and utilize power ups to eliminate them and gain extra points. I just need to add a few bonuses and features to the game before I “completely” release the game ( in addition to some polishing). A trailer and finished project should soon follow. Stay posted!

D: Alive and Kickin: Near Finished Project!

*Blows the dust off the word press dashboard*

Hey guys — it has been a while since I last posted! I have been super busy with school and various other things and lacked the time to hop on here. However, the good news is I have had time to start a new game. And finish it in seven days. Yup.


I poured so much time into this game over the past seven days that I didn’t even have time to post about it! A bit about the game: its dangerously random, a lot of fun, and beautiful! Although it is pretty much finished, I want to add a few more features and polish before publicly releasing it; however if you are dying to see it and are a bit clever it can be found as a competition entry somewhere on the web.
In the meantime, take a look at this little angry fella below. If you don’t hate him already you will after playing this new game in the coming weeks.

Red Bull Art of Motion Detroit

Its been a while since my last post, and since Ive last developed! Ive been busy with the transfer to college along with my parkour/freerunning training for this competition. This post is unrelated to development, but I thought id share this with you! The biggest movement competition in the world came to my home town over the weekend and I was given the opportunity to compete along side of many other great athletes. It was a fantastic time; here is the video of my run for the competition, I thought it went quite well!

New York, No Quarter, Nidhogg

Probably playing Nidhogg xD

School is finally out, and missing finals week to go to New York was a great way to end it.

The Scholastic Art and Writing awards have been going on for almost eight decades, recognizing the best young artists and writers in the nation, offering scholarships, money, and exposure. Just last year they added a videogame category to the competition; an opportunity as a high school senior I couldn’t turn down. I decided to enter my two games, Kinetics and Sandy Evolution. And to my surprise, they both received two of the 25 national awards that were handed out for videogames. I was invited to accept my award at Carnegie Hall in NYC; and it was a great time. Especially because this gave me an excuse to catch the end of the No Quarter exhibit!

After getting denied entrance on memorial day, my twin and I hauled back to NYU the next day to check out No Quarter. It was quite vacant being the last day of the exhibit, but nonetheless the visit quickly became a highlight of the trip. We stopped by each display playing Clock, Hokra, At a Distance, and of course, the Winnitron. I was stuck on the thing for hours with my brother. Below I will describe some of my highlights of the exhibit, starting with a game I had been dying to play:

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